seaweed is good for dogs

Is seaweed good for dogs

Seaweed can play a role in keeping our pets healthy.
It can be hard to know which ‘human’ foods we can give to our pets, especially when so many can be dangerous to them. Many foods that are great for us are actually toxic to our companion animals!

5 Ways Seaweed is good for dogs

Seaweed has been used for animal feed as long or even longer than good health for humans. There are 5 reasons seaweed helps dogs.

Magnesium & Calcium

Help their bones stay strong! Particularly as they age, dogs can suffer from osteoporosis and weakening bones. Magnesium and calcium are both present in seaweed. They keep your dog’s bones strong, helping to reduce pain and keep them active for longer in life. 


Just like us, our dogs need a healthy amount of vitamins to stay lively and build strong immune systems. Parasites, infections and bad gut bacteria can all be fatal to dogs, so they need strong immune systems to fight off invaders – just like humans! So, if you’re wondering how to improve your dog’s immunity, look no further! Seaweed is packed with vitamins and is particularly high in vitamin C. 


Many people take our seaweed capsules to help with their hearts and kidneys, and dogs are no different. The potassium in seaweed helps regulate heart rhythm and keeps you and your dog’s hearts functioning at their best. 


Fiber is a key nutrient for gut health, and seaweed has plenty of it! Vets say fiber in a dog’s diet improves colon health and weight while managing diarrhea, constipation, and diabetes. This is especially important in dog breeds that are prone to gut-related illnesses (especially older dogs).


Seaweeds have caused a lot of interest in medical research recently. Scientists have discovered antioxidants in seaweed that can help reduce inflammation, improve flexibility and reduce joint pain, especially in aging animals.

Is Seaweed Good for Dogs

Check out this blog about chickens, hogs for peer-reviewed studies on seaweed up to about 8% of feed increases animal production, decreases animal disease.

So try out our Biosea Health pet products now and see the difference in your favorite companion! (The seaweed infused chocolates are strictly for humans only.)