seaweed improves dog poo

Dog Poo Easier to Clean Up

Feed your pooch Biosea Pet Pre-Biotics. Dog Poo is easier to clean up when your companions tummy is in good condition and has a good balance of vitamins and minerals

Do you want to clean up after your favorite pet and have an easier task to do. The faeces from your pet tells you a great deal how their stomachs are working. Nothing worse than taking “rover” for a walk and discovering that the bag you have brought along is just up to the task.

This is something very important to consider in this time of toilet paper shortage and plastic bag ban.  It is not the most favorite part of the task of being a pet owner.

What constitutes good dog poo?

Thankyou for the Bristol Stool Chart for giving us way more poo information than we though we would ever need.  This is for humans, but the ones for dogs is very similar.

Is your Pooch a Number 2 or 3?

Dog Poo Easier to Clean Up When Eating Seaweed

How do I get from the messy clean-up poo to the easy-clean Type 2 poo in this time of toilet paper crisis for humans?

Seaweed is the answer. Our human customers have a lot of poo stories to tell us.  Then some of us told us that seaweed works for their pet as well.

Even the dogs on seaweed are having their say. Milly: My poos are firm and of a good colour too. And Milly’s human friend Chris tells us

“ BTW, well formed poos are a major advantage when you have to pick them up and bin them. Seriously”

Yes, Chris, we believe you….ewww.

There are reasons why seaweed probably helps our pets tummies work better. There is plenty of science in the animal farming systems.

  • Abundance of both soluble and insoluble fibre in the seaweed.
  • Improve bowel function with healthy gut bacteria.
  • Potassium helps the function of smooth intestinal muscle.

Next time you take your pet for walk and have an unpleasant task, think – gotta get some Biosea Pet Pre-biotic for my pet!