biosea pet seaweed is safe

Biosea Pet Seaweed is Safe

A question often asked.  How do I know this product is safe?  I.e. can we be sure that the processes are ok and that there will be no foreign baddies in it? This seaweed is grown in the tropics / Philippines / somewhere foreign. I don’t trust the source.

Biosea Pet seaweed is currently undergoing organic certification. The seaweed used for Biosea Pet is a product from growing of the whole product and the liquid fertilizer is certified organic. Biosea Pet is compliant but has to be included into the formal documentation. It will be recertified after 1 year to ensure the product continues to be produced under organic conditions.

organic certification from occp

The last thing we want is to sell is an animal food product that can make animals unwell. We, therefore, have taken all steps available from planting to selling to remove risks. Every batch number can be traced back to a GPS coordinate in the farming area.

  • The seaweed is organically grown in the cleanest water we can grow seaweed. The Pacific Ocean stretches 13,000 km to the nearest landfall on the USA West Coast
  • Seaweed is organic certified by the OCCP (Philippine organic certifying authority)
  • We use a full paddock to plate system (AgKonect) to enable full traceability.

How to Test

Water Quality and Product Tests are undertaken on every batch

  • Heavy metals  – Lead, Cadmium, Mercury
  • Coliform
  • Listeria
  • Salmonella
  • Moisture
  • Iodine levels
  • Staphylococcus

Don’t be concerned about heavy metals in Biosea Pet

Do Not Feed Seaweed Wild Harvested from the Beach

It is safe for dogs to eat seaweed and seaweed is added to many animal production systems. Many types of seaweed are nutritionally dense, so in small amounts they may help improve your dog’s coat, joint health and cognitive function. Wild dried seaweed found on beaches, however, is dangerous for your dog to eat because it may have other animals or contaminants.

More importantly, like humans, some seaweed, especially kelp species have very high levels of iodine. Our seaweed does not.

Biosea Pet is safe. We understand your companion is special.